Tell me if you've been here before—You spend time making a delicious, nourishing meal for your family, but when you sit down to eat, your picky eater doesn't want the whole meal. Maybe they only want mac-n-cheese or a peanut butter, hold the jelly, sandwich cut in triangles. Ugh—it's so frustrating as the mom. But today, you get to be the picky kid choosing exactly what you want and need for your business and blogging needs.

Have fun! And if you aren't really sure where to start, schedule a meeting, and let's talk about it.


Digital Marketing Packages

Marketing packages for coaches

Digital marketing can include a wide range of services. You may be a mompreneur who knows exactly what you're looking for. Or you may be looking for some help with strategy and direction along with completed marketing pieces like blog posts and newsletters. I will meet you where you are, learn where you want to go, and customize a package to help get you there.

Packages can include:

  • Marketing strategy and content planning
  • Monthly meetings
  • SEO research
  • Analytics reporting
  • Blog posts (including sourcing images and posting to your website)
  • Social media posts
  • Email newsletters
  • Google ads
  • Podcast show notes or YouTube descriptions

Packages start at $800 per month

Repurposing Existing Content

You have tons of published content, so why not leverage that work to keep the content machine churning? I will repurpose your blog posts, videos, or audio files (including YouTube videos and podcasts) into high-quality, SEO-driven blog posts or engaging social media posts.

I use blogging best practices so people don't notice you're “reusing” your old stuff in new ways.

Video or audio content can be transformed into blog posts and social media posts to help you get the biggest bang for your buck. Existing blog posts can be rewritten with a new twist to get more bang for your buck.

Why recreate the wheel week after week?

Packages start at $215 per month

The basic package starts with two blog posts. Custom packages are designed based on your needs.

Marketing Coaching

repurpose blog post

You know you need to create content and market your business, but you don't know where to start. You don't know what to say, how to say it, or where to say it. You're overwhelmed trying to keep up with everything the “experts” say you must do.  And to be honest, you're a little afraid to put yourself out there.

Or, maybe you've been consistently putting your message out there and creating content, but you're not getting results. It feels like you're efforts are a huge waste of time, and you don't know what to do. Something's gotta change, but you don't know what it is.

Can you relate? Then let's team up, tackle your marketing obstacles, and get you on the right plan to hit your business goals.

Coaching packages are a 3-month commitment, including weekly virtual meetings, action steps, and email support between calls.

Investment: $399/month

Marketing Consultation Calls

Are you looking for someone to bounce your marketing ideas off of? Do you have a few questions about your marketing and want a second opinion? Or are you feeling stuck in your marketing efforts and want someone to help give you the boost you need? 

You get to set the agenda for your marketing consultation call. I can be a second set of eyes on your content, a sounding board, a brainstorming partner, or help you determine the direction you need to go and the steps you can take to get there. I'll share resources and give you everything I can during our meeting. Then, I'll send you the session recording afterward so you can listen back if you need.

60-minute calls $89

Monthly Analytics Reporting

website analytics

Viewing and understanding your website and various platform analytics is key to growing your business. These numbers help you see what's working, what's not, and where you need to pivot.

But many mompreneurs aren't looking at their numbers on a regular basis—or at all.

If you've been putting your analytics on the backburner month after month or just don't know where to start, this is for you. 

Each month you'll receive analytics from your various platforms in one easy-to-read dashboard, with notes to help you understand what you're looking at so you know what steps to take next.

Analytics Report + Marketing Strategy Call $175 per month*

Analytics Report Only $99 per month*

*$125 one-time setup fee