Repurposing Video/Audio Files

You have tons of video and audio content, so why not leverage that work to improve your website SEO and reach a new audience? I will repurpose your video or audio files (including YouTube videos and podcasts) into high-quality, SEO-driven blog posts.

These are not simple transcripts of your files because we all know those don't really cut it if you want high-quality content on your website. I use blogging best practices to craft your audio/video content into engaging blog posts so people don't notice you're “reusing” your old stuff in new ways.

Video or audio content can be transformed into blog posts and social media posts to help you get the biggest bang for your buck. 

Packages start at $425 per month

The basic package starts with 2 blog posts and 12 social media posts. Custom packages are designed based on your needs.

Repurposing Existing Blog Posts

repurpose blog post

You've put the time and effort into writing blog posts to drive traffic to your website, so why stop there? I will repurpose your blogs into engaging social media posts to promote your existing content.

In addition, if you're ready for a break from consistently cranking out blog posts, I can repurpose your existing content into fresh new posts. There is no reason for you to recreate the wheel week after week. Plenty of other things in your business and life need your attention—let me help you with this one.

Packages for social media posts start at 12 posts for $215 per month

Packages for blog posts start at $300 per month 

*Blog packages beginning at 2 blog posts of 1,500 words. Custom packages are designed based on your needs.

Ghostwriting Articles/Blogs

You believe in the importance of sharing your expertise and message through the written word, but you can't seem to make it happen. Either your schedule is too full, and you can't seem to make the time, or you aren't confident in your writing ability.

Stop stressing and put me to work writing on your behalf. It doesn't matter if you have just an inkling of an idea or a fully developed outline of what you want to be included.

After years of ghostwriting, I have hacks and strategies to make the process easier on you while helping me capture your authentic voice. And the best part is—no one has to know you didn't write it yourself. 

Articles/Blogs start at $300

*Minimum of 1,500 words. 

Monthly Analytics Reporting

website analytics

Viewing and understanding your website and various platform analytics is key to growing your business. These numbers help you see what's working, what's not, and where you need to pivot.

But many entrepreneurs aren't looking at their numbers on a regular basis—or at all.

If you've been putting your analytics on the backburner month after month or just don't know where to start, this is for you. 

Each month you'll receive analytics from your various platforms in one easy-to-read dashboard, with notes to help you understand what you're looking at so you know what steps to take next.

Packages start at $199 per month ($75 one-time setup fee)