Welcome to Rising River Marketing!


Hey, I’m Stephanie! I’m not big on titles (because I think they tend to either be limiting or lead to big heads), but if you must give me a title, one of the following would be a good fit:

  • Marketing Strategist
  • Freelance Writer
  • Ghostwriter
  • Blogger
  • Digital Marketing Extraordinaire (see what I mean about titles 😉)

There are a few key questions I want answers to when I click on a website's “About” page, so I will answer those questions for you below. 

If you’re already interested in working together, head over here to get in touch with me.

What is this company all about?

I started writing SEO-optimized blog posts for small businesses as a freelance writer in 2015. This work eventually evolved into Rising River Marketing.

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you are tasked with wearing all of the “hats” to keep your business growing, and it can feel overwhelming. The “consistency is the key to content” message is widely circulated online. But when you have a million other things on your to-do list, writing another blog post, converting YouTube videos to blogs, and creating more social media posts sometimes get pushed to the back burner.

You can only do so much on your own.

You are the expert at what you do. And when you partner with someone who is an expert at content creation, the wheels keep spinning, but your head doesn't have to.

Rising River Marketing is about producing the customized results you're looking for in your business. I create blog posts and social media posts that match your business's voice, tone and feel, so no one has to know that you weren't the one creating it.

But who is behind the business? 

So, I understand if you’re thinking about working with someone who is going to “speak” in your voice, you probably want to know a thing or two about them.

As I shared above, I’m Stephanie. Here are a few tidbits of information about me personally:

  • I’m a wife to an entrepreneur (which led me here) and mother to three daughters
  • I’m originally a Michigander but am currently living in Louisville, Kentucky
  • My family spent a year living in Tampa, Florida, which we loved, but family connection drew us back north. 
  • I care about helping people. So, I debated for a time about becoming a therapist or coach, but ultimately decided to use my love for writing and content creation to collaborate with others on a mission to help people.  
  • My husband and I owned a commercial cleaning and lawn care company for six years before selling it, so I can relate to the headaches of running and growing a small business.
  • I once shut down an entire ride at Disney World (my most embarrassing moment 😳)

Can this person/company actually help me?

I care about helping your business grow. You may be thinking this sounds ridiculously cliche, but let me explain.

I am highly competitive by nature. This drives me to want to know and track the analytics of our marketing efforts. I’m not just looking for a paycheck; I’m looking for results. If you want me to simply supply you with content, I’m happy to do that too. But we can also partner together to stay on top of your marketing analytics to ensure your marketing efforts are on target.

When I work with a company, I like to envision myself as part of the team (don’t worry, I’m not expecting an invite to the Christmas party.) This helps me get in “character” as I work on creating content that aligns with your goals and vision.

Think you’ve found the right fit?

If you think I might be the answer you’ve been looking for, I can’t wait to talk with you and learn more about your business! Take the next step by hitting the button below and telling me a little about what you’re looking for.