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Do you feel lost in your marketing efforts?

Find support and learn how to market your business with confidence.

Welcome to Rising River Marketing!

Do you feel lost on where to start with your digital marketing efforts? Does content creation feel like pulling teeth? Do you struggle to find time to write and share content, and even when you have time, you don't really know how to tell if you're getting the right results?

Let's face it—as mompreneurs, we're BUSY! It's not just business life we need to worry about. We're juggling mom duty, household duty, and our business customers. Toss in marketing and content creation and it feels like something's gotta give.

But it doesn't have to feel that way. Marketing your business can—and should—be fun! There are so many resources out there telling you a long list of things you must do to be successful with your marketing, but I'll let you in on a not-so-secret secret… You don't have to do ALL the things. You just need to find the right things (the things that feel good, that you enjoy, and that lead to results.) How do you do that? I have a few options for you to explore. 

How Rising River Marketing
Serves Mompreneurs Like You

Marketing Coaching

Marketing can feel overwhelming, and imposter syndrome can become a major obstacle for mompreneurs. Through marketing coaching, you will grow your confidence to market your business and create a marketing plan and strategy that feels good and, most importantly, manageable for yourself. Sessions are customized to you and your goals.

Marketing Consultation Call

Husbands and kids are great for a lot of things, but they're not always the best people to bounce marketing ideas off of, and they may not know how to support and guide you in content creation. If you're not ready to commit to coaching or a done-for-you marketing package, a consultation call may be just what you need. You have 60 minutes to get answers to your specific questions or have a second-set of eyes on your work. 

Marketing Packages

If you're ready to clear your plate of marketing tasks, you need a digital marketing package. You share your business goals with me, and I'll customize a package to meet your specific marketing needs. Packages can include everything from strategy and analytic reports to blog posts and newsletters. It's all about what makes sense for you and your business.



“Finding Stephanie was a dream come true for my blogging business! I’ve hired a lot of freelancers over the years and she is hands down one of my favorites. Stephanie churns out content that both captures my voice and is very engaging (it’s hard to find writers who can do that!). And oftentimes, I have specific requests for a post and she always delivers. I recommend her services 100%!”
Allison Lindstrom, Blogging Business Club 

Who will you work with?

Hi, I’m Stephanie. I'm a wife and public-school mom turned homeschooling mom to three daughters. When our oldest was in preschool, my husband and I left the corporate world for self-employment and haven't looked back. I still remember how hard marketing a business was when we first started out. Now I partner with other women entrepreneurs and want-to-be bloggers to help them grow their confidence, market their business, and share their message with their target audience.