Your business is unique! Part of content marketing is making sure that you’re able to differentiate your business from your competitors. So, I’m not going to ask you to fit your business marketing needs into a “box” or preset package. 

Rising River Marketing is all about customizing packages to meet your specific needs. But I also understand you probably want to get an idea on what type of pricing you can expect before taking time out of your busy day for a phone call to talk about your marketing needs. Monthly packages start at $200 but you can get a better idea of possible options in the sample packages below.

Sample content packages

Website Copy

  • Messaging strategy
  • SEO keyword research
  • Copy for 5 pages (You can choose which ones or we chat best strategies)

Price: $2,000

Regular Content

  • Content planning and strategy
  • 1-hour monthly meeting
  • SEO keyword research
  • Weekly long-form blog posts (2,000+ words)
  • Sourcing images for content
  • Publishing content on your website when approved

Price: $1,700/month

Complete Package

  • Content planning and strategy
  • 1-hour monthly content meetings
  • SEO keyword research
  • Weekly long-form blog posts (2,000+ words)
  • Content management handled for you (including analytics)
  • Image sourcing for all content
  • Social media posts 3x/week 
  • Monthly email newsletter
  • Monthly analytics reports

Price: $2,500

Content Strategy Consultation Call

The Content Strategy Consultation Session is for business owners that are handling their copywriting and content marketing on their own but still have a few questions.

  • Are you second guessing the messaging on your website?
  • Do you constantly struggle with what blog posts you should be writing?
  • Could you use a little help with SEO strategy and keyword research?
  • Are you confused on the best tactics to use when writing a blog post?

Schedule your call, and we’ll cover everything that we can get to during our hour. If you still have questions after that, you can schedule additional time.

When your call is over, you’ll receive an email with the notes from our call and next steps that you can implement in your business content.


Ready to find out what package is right for you?

Your perfect package depends on your needs and goals. If you’re ready to explore what your options look like:

  1. Hit the button below
  2. Schedule a time to discuss your marketing needs and goals
  3. Complete the questionnaire that shows up in your inbox
  4. Answer the phone at your scheduled time so we can chat about your business